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Tower Crane Removal by Helicopter
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Preparation and removal of tower crane from a 600 foot building by helicopter for Enclos Corp.
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FDNY Cell Towers
New York City
Erecting of cell towers on various FDNY sites.
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Morristown & Erie Bridge Replacement
New Jersey
Fabrication and erecting of steel girder bridge for Morristown & Erie Railroad.
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Con Edison East River Generating Station
Con Edison East River Generating Station
New York, NY
Replacement of Power House Exterior Wall
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Pfizer Inc.
New York City
Generator support steel fabrication and erecting, rigging of emergency generators at three 42nd street buildings
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Queens College
Queens New York
Student Bridge Project
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George Washington Bridge
New York and New Jersey
Tower rehabilitation
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FDR Drive Noise Barrier
FDR Drive
New York City
Fabrication and erecting of noise barrier on temporary roadway between 53rd and 63rd streets
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FDR Drive
New York City
Fabrication of steel beams for pedestrian overpass extension.
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Coney Island Parachute Jump
Coney Island Parachute Jump
Brooklyn  NY
Disassembly, structural steel rehabilitation and reassembly of historic New York landmark.
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Cornell Imaging Center
New York City
Installation of two story addition on existing structure
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Citizen Gate Tunnel Repair
Brooklyn, NY
Repair of KeySpan gas main tunnel beneath the Gowanus Canal.
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NYCTA Corona Railroad Yard
Queens, NY
Fabrication of steel beams for railroad car washing facility.
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1930 Broadway
New York City
Fabrication and erection of steel beams for new floor addition.
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Goethals Bridge
New Jersey
Structural repairs and shoring
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EIC Parking Garage
Queens, NY
Fabrication and erecting of steel beams for parking garage.
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NYCTA Roosevelt Ave Station
Queens, NY
Fabrication of decorative steel beam.
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